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TEACH - Toward Educating America's CHildren


      Celebrate TEACH 10th+ Anniversary and Thank You Event

Sat. April 26, 2014  *  6:30 - 9:30pm

St Mary of Sorrows' Parish Hall

5222 Sideburn Rd. Fairfax VA


‘Selfless commitment’ by Burke couple brings schools to Guatemala

Read this great article at News...


Making education possible in Mayan villages.

The mission of TEACH is to actively respond to the schooling needs of underserved children in Mayan communities in Guatemala.

The poor of Guatemala struggle every day to provide for their families. Education can bring hope where there now is little. TEACH is committed to equal education for both girls and boys in a country where literacy rates are extremely low, especially among women.


The vision of TEACH is to help empower Mayan communities to achieve greater social and economic self-sufficiency through opportunities for education while respecting their cultural norms.

Check out all the TEACH schools and projects in Our Projects under About Us  and read the Fall 2013 newsletter,The Aldea, under News. 

Updated December 2013

TEACH has a new phone number: 703 987-8777



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